15 Great Cars Named After Animals

Everything on planet earth has a name used for identification. You have a name, give your pet names and manufacturers also give their cars names. And most times they name cars after already existing names or they come up with new names. Some name theirs after animals which is not uncommon. Most names are very well known in the industry and these are some of our favorite cars.   

1. Dodge Viper

The Dodge Viper was first made in 1991 and last canceled in 2017 after 5 generations. Early vipers were known to be handfuls as they had no driver aids at all. They all had V10 engines which started as an 8.0 liter and grew to an 8.4 liter which is the largest displacement for any road car. Power started from 400hp and grew to as much as 650hp and every one of them had a manual transmission.

The Viper got its name from the venomous Viper snake. All of them had long fangs that were used to bite deeply and inject venoms. Dodge Vipers didn’t even have Dodge logos, they had Viper logos that illuminated with their brake lights. The Viper logo was also put in the digital screens of 5th generation vipers that illuminated when the car was close to its redline.

The 5th generation Dodge Viper ACR was the best and smashed so many lap records even beating million-dollar supercars. The ACR is still the fastest manual rear-wheel-drive car around the Nurburgring with a time of 7 minutes 01.30 seconds (7.01.30).

2. Porsche Cayman

The Cayman is no longer seen as the alternative or “poor man’s Porsche anymore. It is a serious performer in today’s world of fast sports cars. Its name Cayman also is befitting as it reflects the seriousness of this car despite being the cheaper version.

The word Cayman is a derivative of the actual word Caiman. The Caiman is a species of small crocodiles that inhabit the marshes and swamps of Mexico and South America. These crocodiles may be small but they are fast and nimble predators. Due to their size and ferocious nature, they have few natural predators.

3. Volkswagen Beetle

The beetle should be the most famous and oldest nameplate ever as they’re still being made today. Just like 911 the original shape and design haven’t been changed since the first drawings in 1932. They are called beetles and have the shape of a beetle.

Beetles are insects with exoskeletons that are hard to protect from external elements. Their bodies are so hard and durable that stepping on them wouldn’t kill them immediately. The engines were at the very back with the most powerful having a 1600cc engine with 60hp. Beetles were very slow but also very reliable. They were very successful during production and was VW’s best-selling car until most recently with over 23 million sold since inception.

4. Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is the most successful American Pony car in history and has gained international recognition. First produced in 1965 they’ve been offered in various trims and special editions. Over 10 million of them have been made and is a lot for a performance car.

The Mustang is named after a large majestic horse that originated from Spain and was brought to America. They were formerly free-roaming horses but are now sorted after for most horse enthusiasts.

The Ford Mustang is still in production today and is one of the best sports cars ever made.

5. Plymouth Road Runner

The Plymouth roadrunner is an American muscle car made between 1968-1980. They were made to be a cheaper and powerful option to the more expensive cars at the time. Every road runner came equipped with a V8 with varying power levels.

Roadrunners are very fast-running birds with long tails and crests. They are large, long slender birds with black-brown and white feathers. Long legs and strong feet help this bird achieve a top speed of well over 20mph (32 km/h). The fastest road runner ever recorded hit 27mph (43 km/h). Although roadrunners can fly they prefer sprinting. They are found in the southwestern and south-central United States. 

In 1970, the production of the Superbird variant was made to compete in NASCAR. Road versions of the Superbird were made in order to race at NASCAR. Despite its dominance on the track, the Superbird was only made in 1970. Later models became rivals to the dodge charger before being discontinued in 1980.

6. Plymouth Barracuda

Another muscle car made by Plymouth between 1964 and 1974 but most commonly referred to as a pony car. They could be had with a slant 6 or a V8 engine with the 3rd generation sharing platforms with the Dodge Challenger. The most powerful engine was a 7.0 liter V8 making 430 hp.

Barracudas are long, large predatory fishes with ferocious behavior and intimidating appearance. These fishes are very dangerous even to humans as they are very fast and have sharp teeth. Swimming speed can be up to 27mph (43km/h). Humans hunt them for food and even game purposes.

7. Corvette Stingray

From one majestic fish to another we come to the stingray. These are a group of cartilaginous fish related to the shark family. Usually small with an almost flat and wide-body structure and a very strong and long tail. Movement is made by two pectoral fins on either side and sometimes can be referred to as butterfly wings. 

The stingray name has been used on the C2, C3, and C7 generations of the Chevrolet corvette. This name usually denotes the coupe version of the base corvette. The C8 generation, as well as C8, even have stingray badges.

The stingray fish is well known for killing popular TV personality and Zoologist Steve Irwin aka “crocodile hunter”. He died as a result of a stingray injury to the heart.

8. TVR Vixen

TVR is a British sports car manufacturer that started as Trevcar motors in 1946. They are known for building lightweight sports cars in small numbers. The VTVR Vixen is a lightweight car made with a fiberglass body fitted to a tubular frame chassis. Its most powerful engine is a 2.5-liter inline-six making 105hp, It weighed only 737kg (1624 lbs).

Vixens are small female foxes that are mainly omnivorous and hunt smaller prey.

9. Shelby Cobra

British manufacturer AC cars produced the Cobra from 1962-1967. AC cars would send completed cars to Shelby in America where they would receive an engine and gearbox. The most powerful versions had a 7.0 liter V8 making 485hp paired with a 4-speed manual transmission.

Cobras are fast venomous snakes with hoods as part of their body which protrude when in attack mode. They can be found in southern Africa and southern Asia. These are the type of snakes you can see dancing to the tune of snake charmers. Cobras are responsible for thousands of deaths in Africa and Asia.

The Shelby Cobra was a powerful car for its weight of just over 1000kg (2200lbs). It was a handful and inexperienced drivers got into accidents fairly easily with some even resulting in deaths. 

10. Triumph Stag

The Stag is to Britain as the Mustang is to America. The Triumph is a V8-powered 2+2 convertible made by the Triumph Motor Company from 1970-1977. It was made to be a luxury sports car powered by Triumph’s very own 3.0 liter V8. Production was seized after 25,000 cars were made as they were very unreliable.

The Stag gets its name from a fully grown adult male deer. Even though the car was only produced for 7 years it has an active owners club and sizeable specialist support. According to UK enthusiasts, more than 8000 stags are still in existence today.

11. Datsun Honey Bee

The honeybee is a special version of the B210 that got rid of almost any option in the car. The actual insect is the western honeybee. They are usually domesticated for honey production and crop pollination. The car cost less and could be had in brown, yellow, or white and a bee decal. This was supposed to be the car for you if you couldn’t afford the regular B210. The honeybee is now a collector’s car among Datsun enthusiasts. 

12. AMC Marlin

The American Motors Corporation (AMC) has seized to exist since 1988. The Marlin only existed for 2 generations between 1965 and 1967. Its most powerful car made 280hp from a 5.6 liter naturally aspirated V8. It was named after a large, long, spear-mouthed fish called the Marlin. Marlins are among the fastest fishes in the sea reaching speeds of about 68mph (110km/h). This fish is so well known that many fish enthusiasts seem to have a picture or model of this fish adorning their houses.

13. Fiat Panda

The Fiat Panda has been made for only 3 generations but is still being made to this day. It is a city car that started production in 1980 as a 3 door hatchback but has evolved to a 5 passenger city car. It is one of the most successful cars made by fiat even though it was never sold in the states. A cheap, reliable, and simple city car. The car gets its name from the Giant Panda bear native to south-central China.

Compared to other bears the Giant Panda isn’t giant at all. They mostly have a height of 3-4 feet. The Fiat Panda is equally a small car. These bears are known to be mostly docile compared to other bears but can attack out of aggression.      

14. Lamborghini Urus

This is the 2nd SUV ever made by Lamborghini and is one the fastest and most luxurious cars on sale. It has a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 making 650 hp and 627 lb-ft of torque (827Nm). Lamborghini loves to name its cars after bulls and this car is no different. The Urus is a wild and large bull that was known for ferocious fights to the death. They are native to Asia, Europe, and North Africa. 

15. Volkswagen Tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan is a compact crossover SUV made by Volkswagen. It is currently the best-selling car in Europe as well as the best-selling car in Volkswagen’s lineup.

The name Tiguan is a combination of the words “Tiger” and “Iguana”. This name was gotten from a contest in 2007 when the car was first made. Volkswagen didn’t give the car a name yet so the public was allowed to decide via voting. Names included Namib, Rockton, Samun, Liger, and Nanuk.

Tigers are very famous and recognizable because of their stripes. Iguana’s on the other hand are lizards native to tropical areas of Mexico, the Caribbean, central and south America.

There are many more cars named after animals and this list could continue forever. We have many cars named after animals so feel free to mention them in the comments.       

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