McLaren 765LT: 5 Things you need to know

Mclaren as a company is known for building technologically advanced supercars that are very fast in a straight line and will destroy most of its competitions on a track while retaining comfort and the latest modern tech at a very reasonable price range.

But in recent years they’ve taken it to a whole other level with the release of the 720S supercar which embarrasses cars way above its class for a third of the price. It has earned the title the “supercar with hypercar performance”. But Mclaren has gone ahead to make an even more track-focused version of the 720S. It’s now called the 765LT and here are the changes/improvements that make this a better car.


Now if you’re not familiar with Mclaren the more hardcore versions are called LT’s which stands for Longtail which means the car is a bit longer than its regular model at just 56mm’s, not long at all but it does get a slightly longer active rear wing and longer front splitter for better air travel. Changes have also been made to the sides with vented wheel arches to release air pressure caused by the tires when the car is at speed, revised doors, and side skirts which help airflow to a vent just in front of the rear wheels to help keep the engine cool.

At the back an all-new bumper with a mesh grille to help pull hot air out of the engine and a new diffuser to help reduce turbulent air at the back and improve aero aided with side blades aimed and smoothing the air that goes to the back of the car. All this extra bodywork helps provide an extra 200kg of downforce at 155MPH.


Carbon fiber race seats are available from the Senna hypercar which save 18Kg from the standard car, lightweight forged alloy wheels with titanium bolts all round save 22kg, the glasses are slightly thinner with a polycarbonate back glass saving 6kg, the doors are slightly lighter with carbon materials and net pockets saving 2.5kg.

A 4 port full titanium exhaust also saves 2.8kg, no floor carpets saving 2.4kg, all carbon fiber body panels help save 14.3kg, lighter springs in the suspension save 1.5kg, batteries are heavy but a lighter one is fitted here saving 3kg.

The audio system can be deleted saving 1.5kg and air conditioning can be removed to saving 10kg though I would never do that. Altogether almost 80kg has been saved from the car which is the weight of most young adults.


Less weight combined with a little more power has always been the way most manufacturers improve on performance cars and they’ve done the same thing here. The 765LT has a 4-liter twin-turbo V8 pushing out 765 horsepower vs the 720 from the regular car and it also has more torque. This rockets the car to 60MPH (100KPH) in 2.8 seconds, a 2020 Toyota corolla does that in 8.2 seconds, and the quarter-mile comes in at 9.8 seconds at 150(MPH) this impressive but the regular 720s has achieved such times which means this may go a little faster.


You tend to pay more for something very rare and valuable, every manufacturer around the world in different industries does this. Only 765 of these are being made with a starting price of around $360,000 which is over $80,000 more than the 720S but expected prices to go up from there as the base prices never stay the same. With the help of MSO (McLaren special operations), regular 720s have hit the $350K mark, expect the 765LT with unique customer tastes to be close to $450K. An exposed carbon body is even offered and that alone cost well over $100,000.


These cars have been built to perform mainly on the track and for that reason, certain parts have been really upgraded. The brakes from the Senna have been fitted on this car for better stopping power with drilled discs to improve cooling at high braking points and if you opt for the Senna discs as well you can have them but they’re very expensive and take about 6 months to make.

Slightly quicker steering with better suspension setup has been equipped to handle the power and aero upgrades, the car is also a few inches lower and wider front and rear. Better tires (Trofeo R’s) have also been fitted from Pirelli for better grip.

McLaren has exciting cars and the lucky few who get to own them will enjoy them as an art piece (Car collectors) or as an actual driving machine, either way, you can’t go wrong with an LT from McLaren.

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