LaFerrari: Ferrari’s First Hybrid Supercar With A Big V12

Hybrid cars are not something we would associate with Ferrari. But the pursuit of performance and reduced emissions has brought about this change.

La Ferrari is the first-ever hybrid car made by Ferrari and it is exciting. It still has a screaming naturally aspirated engine but assisted with electric motors for more power. The styling is very elegant and the performance is still mind-bending. It was first unveiled in 2013 and has so many things that make it very special.

The Name

The car was codenamed Project F150 before finally receiving the name Laferrari. In the Italian language LaFerrari means The Ferrari and seems to be a befitting name for the brand’s most powerful car at the time.


The engine is a 6.3 liter naturally aspirated V12 which makes 789hp.  It is also combined with an Electric motor making 161hp and together they produced 950hp and 664 lb-ft of torque (900Nm). Ferrari calls this hybrid system KERS which is similar to the ones found in its new formula 1 cars.

It is fitted with a quick-shifting 7-speed dual-clutch transmission sending power to the rear wheels. The integration of the hybrid powertrain with the engine is seamless and not even noticeable. This makes it very easy to forget that it is a hybrid car from the inside and even the outside.


The interior is has a racing-style feel to it beginning from the dashboard. The steering wheel is not conventional as it has a square-like shape with rounded edges. This one feature alone makes the car feel special. In regular Ferrari fashion, most of the car’s controls can be found on the steering wheel.

For the first time, the driver’s display is a fully digital screen.  All information related to the car is found on this screen with the famous Yellow Rev counter boldly displayed in the middle.  This is the only screen found in the rest of the interior. One of the highlights is the floating gear selector in between the driver and passenger. The seats are fixed to the carbon tub with the ability to adjust the steering wheel and pedal position.

Race-inspired materials like Alcantara and Carbon fiber are seen throughout the interior. The hybrid components are also mounted low and behind the driver to aid with proper weight distribution.


Pininfarina has been responsible for designing Ferrari’s cars but not this one. The car was designed by Centro stile under supervised by Flavio Manzoni. He is the Senior Vice President of design and has been responsible for most of Ferrari’s latest designs.

The La Ferrari has been designed to be aerodynamically efficient. Its exterior design remains elegant without the need for big wings or huge protruding front splitters. The sleek profile starts from the front with the pointed nose which integrates active aero parts. The butterfly doors open up in an elegant fashion making entry and exit easier.

Finally, the rear features round tail lights with the quad exhaust that sing the song of the V12 engine.


Ferrari has always tried to achieve maximum road performance by integrating aero parts into the bodywork. The front has been aerodynamically sculpted to allow air from around the car’s bodywork. An active spoiler is integrated into the front nose to increase downforce. Wheel arches direct airflow to the rear radiator which cools the engine.

Round the back, there’s an integrated rear spoiler that deploys above 70 mph or under hard braking. The mesh grille at the back is quite open to extract as much hot air from the engine. The underbody also features flaps that extend under hard acceleration to diffuse air faster and provide extra downforce.


All these parts help the car achieve a 60 time of 2.8 seconds. It has a top speed of 220mph (350 km/h).


Ferrari made 499 cars sold at a starting price of $1 million and was sold out immediately to selected Ferrari clients. Used Laferrari’s have appreciated with prices well over the $3 million marks.

210 open-top versions were later made, known as the Laferrari Apertas starting at $2 million. Prices of these cars currently sit at around $4.5 million. 40 track-only versions were made for the most exclusive Ferrari customers called the FXXK and made 1036hp. These cars were reserved for the most elite Ferrari clients.    

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