30 Unusual Cars owned by Doug Demuro

Doug Demuro is one of the most famous names in the automotive review space. From his early days as a writer to working for Porsche, creating his youtube channel, and starting his auction website Doug Demuro has achieved massive success.

His Youtube channel has over 4.8 million subscribers across all 3 and well over 1.4 billion views. He loves quirky cars as shown publicly on his youtube channel.

Doug Demuro has also owned a varied amount of cars in his life and here are all of them:

1. 1996 Volvo 850 Turbo

This was Doug Demuro’s first car while still in high school. It was an 850 turbo automatic with 220 horsepower. He said it was really unreliable and was sold by his parents after he went off to college. After 12 years the car was still in possession of the people it was sold to.  

2. 2001 Audi A4

The following year he got an Audi A4 which was bought for him by his parents for the sum of $10,000. It was an automatic car with a V6 engine. The Audis of this era were known to have transmission failure and that eventually caught up with him. He ended up selling the car to a dealer for $500 because of the failed transmission. What a depreciation! 

3. 2007 VW GTI

His next car was a grey 2007 Volkswagen GTI. It was a 2 door hatchback with a manual transmission. He soon got a job working at Porsche, got a company car, and sold the GTI as it wasn’t needed anymore.

4. 1995 Toyota Land cruiser

Doug bought this 80’s series land cruiser from an auto auction. As he says he was driving on a highway and stumbled upon the auction and went back later and got the land cruiser which was for sale. He got a great deal on the car at $1500 which was a huge steal even for the time. Soon after he realized he had no need for such a huge car and sold it to Carmax for $1800. The car was eventually exported.

5. 1998 BMW E36 M3 SEDAN

A white BMW M3 sedan was the next car he owned with a light grey interior and a manual transmission for $8500. He owned it for 6 months and sold it soon after.

He goes on to say the next set of cars were rapid purchases within a year. Doug was taking advantage of the lack of sales tax in the state of Georgia for private car sales.

6. 2001 Mercedes E55 AMG

The next car is the Mercedes E55 AMG and Doug says he regrets selling this car the most. It was a fast car that didn’t look like it was going to be fast and Doug loved this attribute. It was also a very reliable car.

7. 1993 Mercedes 500 E

The 500E was a special car because of its involvement with Porsche. Mercedes wanted to get into the performance sedan market so the production was done with Porsche. Doug Demuro bought his 500E for $7000 and it had 80,000 miles. He sold it almost immediately for $12,000 due to interest in the car at the time.

8. 2006 Lotus Elise

He bought a 2006 orange Lotus Elise in San Jose, California, and drove it back to Atlanta. The Air Conditioning didn’t work and that car didn’t last long either and was soon sold. 

9. 2004 Cadillac CTS V

This was the first generation of the CTS V with a manual transmission. He bought it at a great deal as he says the owner was being deported and needed to sell the car. He owned it for a short while and sold it.  

10. 2002 Mercedes G500

The G wagon, Doug bought a 2002 G500 which was a launch car. It was one of the first 1000 cars that came to the United States. Shortly afterward, he discovered the car had a lot of rust, not what you want. He sold it to CarMax at a substantial loss. He said the car was involved in a hit-and-run 5 years after he sold it. 

11. 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo

We all want the latest and greatest cars but when you can’t afford them the used cars are the next best option. Doug bought a 2001 996 turbo which was free of the IMS issues that plagued the new water-cooled Porsches at the time. But he really wanted an E63 AMG wagon and so he sold the Porsche. 

12. 2007 Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon

Right after the sale of the Porsche, he got a 2007 E63 AMG wagon. Unfortunately during Doug’s ownership, the car was rear-ended by a drunk driver and he sold it soon after.  

13. 1995 Range Rover Classic

Doug describes this as one of the coolest cars in the world and also one of the worst cars in the world. It was a cool car from a heritage perspective but was horribly unreliable in every way. He owned it for only 6 short months and it broke down 3 times. Soon enough it was gone also.

14. 2006 Range Rover

He bought this car in December of 2012 and until September 2018 has been one of the cars he’s owned the longest and driven the most. This car has also since been sold but was well documented on his channel.

15. 2001 Toyota Prius

Doug Demuro being smart and taking advantage of good deals bought a 2001 Toyota Prius from a friend who was moving away for $1500. He owned it for a while and sold it soon after.   

16. 2009 Nissan Cube

Not the first quirky car and won’t be the last. He inherited the cube from his brother who didn’t need it anymore. Doug owned the car for a while and featured it in a few older videos. He sold the car when he was done with it. 

17. 2011 CTS V Wagon

Doug Demuro loves station wagons and has made it publicly known with his most recent acquisitions. This was a supercharged V8 with a manual transmission. Doug says he drove it cross country. He eventually sold it to someone who ended up crashing the car. 

18. 2004 Ferrari 360

Doug owned a Ferrari 360 which he made a lot of videos about which helped in the early days of starting his channel. At the time he was living in Philadelphia and was sold to someone in California. 

19. 1995 Hummer H1

He bought a yellow Hummer H1 which was basically a military vehicle that could now be used on the road. Doug ran over a PT Cruiser with this car which he has video of. It was the worst car he ever owned, reliable but extremely bulky and almost unusable.

20. 1990 Nissan GTR (R32)

Next, he bought an R32 Nissan GTR which is one of the cool cars and the few Japanese cars to make this. They were all right-hand drive as they were never sold new in the US market. He also made lots of videos with this car and has since sold it.

21. Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Doug says this car is special but not for the obvious reason. It was special because of the memories he created with this car. He took it across 35 states in the US and even visited Canada with it. He also makes note of a picture of his Aston Martin with a Bison. It was sold to the Youtuber Freddy Hernandez aka Tavarish.  

22. 1997 Dodge Viper GTS

Next, he owned a first-gen Viper GTS with blue and white stripes.  He loved it but hardly drove the car as it wasn’t suited for Philadelphia roads at the time.

23. 1989 Nissan S Cargo

Probably the most quirky car on this list is the Nissan S cargo. Doug to this day wishes he never sold this car and even says it was among the best cars he’s ever owned. It was small and didn’t take up much space but was of no use.

He sold it to AJ’s Pizzeria which used the car as a Pizza delivery vehicle.

24. 1997 Land Rover Defender

Still owns this car to date but amidst the multiple breakdowns has been a fun car for him. He got married with this car, has gone on multiple trips with the car. He says the car is loved by everyone in his circle including his dog and has been convinced not to get rid of it.  

25. 2012 Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon

Fast wagons like we’ve seen is Doug’s style. This car became the daily driver and was used for frequent commutes to driving locations. It was fast and practical which was one of the many things Doug loved about the car. He eventually sold it in 2020 right before the pandemic, but not in the usual fashion. It was used as the first car to test his now successful modern enthusiast website Carsandbids.

26. 2005 Ford GT

“The Ford GT has been great” are Doug Demuro’s words to describe his Ford GT. He recounts nervousness in the early days of ownership with the car’s value as well as attention from people. But recently loves driving the car a lot and loves it even more. Reliability as he says is strong.  

27. Kia Stinger GT

The Kia Stinger GT was bought as a replacement for the E63 AMG before it was even sold. He got it in the launch color which Doug now tends to do with his most recent purchases. This car was basically brand new with almost delivery miles but had sat on the showroom floor for 2 years before Doug bought it. It was heavily discounted even though it was brand new at $37,000. He used it for a while and was quite surprised with cars capabilities as it had all the benefits of the E63 wagon with almost none of the drawbacks.    

28. Mercedes G500 Cabriolet

The quirks keep on coming, this is a special G wagon as it was a short wheelbase with a convertible roof. He loves this car as it mimics everything he likes about his old defender but with some better relatively modern features. It’s been dead reliable apart from a broken steering lock which seems to be the only fail point for this car. Very few of these cars were made and values have remained quite steady. 

29. Audi RS2

A special car once again like the 500E was a joint build with Porsche. It was the first fast family wagon and started the fast wagon trend. This car was never sold in the United States and Doug has always wanted one. He imported his RS2 in the famous Audi launch Color Nogaro Blue. He has put 2000 miles himself and says there’s been no issue so far except replacing a bad fuse.

30. 2021 Land Rover Defender 110

Doug announced he was getting the new defender after he reviewed one. And true to his word he got one and so the road trips followed. It has been driven cross country three times already and has well over 20,000 miles at this point. And at this time of writing is less than a year old.

Some little issues have popped up which is typical of the Land Rover brand. The sunroof suddenly stopped working but was eventually a quick fix and occasional engine lights. All under warranty so Doug isn’t worried.


Doug Demuro as he puts it loves quirky cars way more than any exotic supercar or sportscar. He finds enjoyment in the more normal cars with awesome stories and his choice of cars reflects it.  

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