Bugatti chiron SS, What you need to know

Bugatti’s vehicle lineup is limited to a few hundred cars per production model. Even within that production, there are variants that are even more special and exclusive. The Supersport is the latest special edition of the Chiron and here’s what you need to know about it.


The SS is the name given to the last, most powerful, and fastest version of any Bugatti model. SS stands for “Super Sport” which started with the Type 55 SS, EB110 SS, Veyron SS, and now the Chiron SS. It represents every engineering feat explored by Bugatti over the Chiron’s life put into this final package. 


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It uses the same 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged W16-cylinder engine as the regular Chiron. But the SS receives an extra 100hp bringing the total power to 1600hp.


Raw power, a dual-clutch transmission, and all-wheel drive are all the Chiron SS needs, no fancy hybrid setup. The software has only been recalibrated for the purpose of the top-speed run this car would be capable of doing. This includes tweaking the gear ratios. Regular Chirons are electronically limited to 261mph (420 km/h) but the Super Sport is limited to 273mph (440km/H).


The interior sees no changes compared to the regular Chiron. It still has a clean minimal design which will not age quickly. But it does have updated SS badging in select areas of the interior to remind owners how special their Bugatti is.


There are immediately some noticeable visual changes from the very front of the car all the way to the rear. A brand new bumper now adorns the face of the Chiron SS giving it a wider and more aggressive look. The splitter now extends forward for better aero as well as integrated side vents or air curtains as Bugatti calls them. These air curtains help direct airflow around the sides of the car. Fenders now have circular holes styled louvers that release air pressure from the wheel arches and help produce extra downforce. These holes are a design nod to the side vents on the Bugatti EB110.

New ultralight aluminum wheels have also been made specifically for the Chiron SS. They are definitely made to be much lighter than the regular wheels and look very good. Its back end saw the most dramatic change to the Chiron shape.

First off, the rear end has been extended an extra 200mm and narrowed at the end giving it a long tail design. This narrow end helps diffuse air faster from the bodywork. The diffuser has also seen a radical change with the obvious exhaust placement. Quad exhausts remain but are now vertically mounted on each other with two on either side. This setup frees up extra underbody space to diffuse air better working with extended bodywork. The huge rear wing is still present but sits so flush with the bodywork that unless it rises, it almost looks like it’s never there. 


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The Chiron SS uses the philosophy of more downforce but reduced drag as much as possible. For the sake of its performance, the aero has been integrated into the updated bodywork to increase downforce. This helps maintain a clean exterior design and reduces unnecessary drag. Aero bits include air curtains in the bumpers, louvered arches, elongated rear end, and a new diffuser design. All these help the SS diffuse air 40% faster than the regular Chiron.


The Chiron SS dubbed the 300+ has set a world speed breaking the 300mph barrier. A speed of 305 mph is the fastest recorded speed of any production car as of this time. The car was driven by Andy Wallace, who formerly set a top-speed run in the McLaren F1.


Prices for the Super Sport will start at $3.5 million and will go up from there as customers spec what they wish. The Supersport 300+ will be limited to just 30 units and will cost significantly more at almost $4.5 million. 

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