10 Bespoke departments of sports car manufacturers you need to know

In recent years other high-end car makers have decided to open up their unique bespoke programs. These programs help customers choose options that may not be available to others. They range from a different type of seat color to unique paint and even sometimes a whole new car. These options cost a lot more money than your standard car but they will make your car unique.

1. Lotus Exclusive

Cars made by Lotus are limited and not very mass-produced. Nice colors and materials are already part of the lotus manufacturing process. Lotus exclusive takes it a step further allowing customers to get special exterior and interior colors.  

2. BMW Individual


BMW describes this as an expression of an individual’s personality. Over 120 extended paints are available from the normal color palette. The colors included are Rosso Corsa from Ferrari, Lamborghini’s Verde Mantis, and even Porsche’s Voodoo blue. Door sill and interior trims can also be fully customized to your taste.

Companies like Rolls Royce and Bugatti are bespoke cars to begin and almost no two cars are ever the same. Customers build unique examples of their cars from the ground up to the very last detail.

3. Mercedes Designo

China Blue Mercedes S Class via CNET

Designo by Mercedes is similar to BMW’s individual but with custom colors made exclusively by Mercedes for its customers. Mercedes custom paint and extended upholstery can be added to your new car to make it a little bit more special than others.

Designo parts can include roof liners, floor mats, leathers, etc.

4. Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur

911 turbo S exclusive series via Motor Authority

Porsche’s exclusive manufaktur starts to take things up a notch above the other competitors. This program has been called many names in years past.

It was originally called the Porsche request program when it debuted in 1978. Many Porsche customers at the time had certain requests and the demand was becoming high. The Porsche exclusive name started being used in 1986. Porsche’s exclusive series brought some special cars from 2014 saw an extension of Porsche’s customization power.

The Turbos S exclusive series and new 992 911 Targe 4s heritage showcase just how far you can customize your car. From custom interior color, stitching, and even leather-wrapped materials on non-leather wrapped surfaces. Exterior custom colors can also be chosen, along with decals, stripes, and even different badge colors. Extra exposed carbon bits can be fitted which could also include lightweight Carbon fiber wheels.

5. Bentley Mulliner

Coachbuilt Bentley Mulliner Bacalar via TopGear

With the Mulliner program from Bentley, things have gone into the complete custom territory. Bentley describes this program as bringing your dreams into reality through 3D visualization and meticulous nurturing. Even the most basic Bentley is an exquisite car with some of the best interior features. The Mulliner takes it beyond and opens up a whole new world of luxury. Bentley is taking this vision to a new level through 3 levels of customizations namely Coachbuilt, Classic, and Collection.


Bentley has been in the coachbuilt business for a long time but has dedicated the Mulliner department to create some stunning new cars. Customers can work closely with a team of specialist designers and craftsmen to enhance and create their bespoke vehicles. An example of Mulliner’s customization is with the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar unveiled in early 2020. 


The Mulliner classic is a restoration program that allows customers to bring in their old Bentleys and get a full restoration. An example of this is the 1939 Bentley Corniche that was immaculately restored in 2019.


Bentley will create and offer Mulliner editions of existing new models to customers. These will come standard with Mulliner-specific colors, leathers, stitch patterns, and special veneers not available on standard cars.

6. Aston Martin Q

One Off Aston martin Victor Via Top Gear

Q is famous as the guy that fits all the fancy gadgets and defense systems to James Bond’s cars. Q in real life is Simon Lane who is in charge of Aston Martin’s Q division and creates bespoke Aston Martins. It is the ultimate bespoke personalization service offered to Aston martin customers. This bespoke service has 3 ranges for Aston martin customers to select from which are Q collection, Q commission, and Aston Martin wings series.

Q collection: These are unique options and enhancements created to allow Aston Martin clients to customize their cars beyond the regular options. All specially designed and created elements by the in-house bespoke division. These elements include Carbon fiber parts, paint options, trims, etc.

Q commission: This is the next stage of Aston martin’s bespoke service. Here customers can commission bespoke or even one-off creations that are not even offered by Aston martin. This bespoke service has even brought about brand new cars created specifically for customers. Some fine examples of these include The Aston martin V600 of which 14 examples only exist, the one-off Aston martin Victor and the Q series Aston martin DBX commissioned by Youtuber and business owner Mr. JWW.

Aston Martin wings series: Aston martin and the Royal Air force have had a long-standing association. Most Aston martin facilities are built on RAF facilities which are still active. The runways on these facilities are still active with the NEW DBX SUVs being built inside former RAF hangers. With this collaboration, Aston Martin has created the wing series feature aviation-related models. Models have included the Blades edition, Spitfire 80 edition, Red Arrows edition, and the Concorde edition.

7. McLaren Special Operations (MSO)

MSO Pacific Blue

McLaren Automotive hasn’t been around for too long but has been able to match the bespoke customer service of other brands. MSO is dedicated to helping take the McLaren ownership experience further. Customers have the choice of creating brand new colors, new materials, designs. McLaren does this through different approaches namely Defined, Bespoke and Heritage.

Defined: The bespoke program gives additional features to brand new or even existing McLaren models. They include existing extended paint options, aero parts, and carbon fiber components.

Bespoke: With the bespoke program your imagination and customizations are almost limitless. McLaren truly offers a unique visual experience for customers. Paint isn’t limited to solid colors. You can have designs, gradients, liveries, and many more. Interior options aren’t limited either as you can mimic exterior designs to the interior. Carbon Fiber can also be had in different colors and not just the regular dark finish they come. Your exterior can even be fully exposed carbon fiber in any color you want. An example of MSO bespoke is this beautiful Pacific Blue McLaren P1.

The true power of MSO can be seen with its latest themes. Red and Black Strata theme for the 720s, the Green and black Verdant theme on the McLaren GT, and the Carbon MSO theme on the McLaren Senna.

Heritage: The heritage edition program was created to cater specifically to McLaren F1 owners. McLaren heritage services maintain and even restores McLaren F1 race and road cars.    

8. Lamborghini Ad Personam

Xago Edition SVJ 1 of 10 via Dupont Registry

Lamborghinis in standard form have always been wild no matter the model. Their focus on design has made their cars stand out from the rest. Complemented by their bright and vibrant colors they are some of the most attention-grabbing cars around. What if you could accentuate this even more.

The Ad Personam program allows customers to make their already wild Lamborghini even wilder. Customers are ushered into the AD Personam studio where they can see, touch, and feel the materials they want for their cars. New paint colors can also be created and named as the customer wishes. Unique stitch patterns, materials, and patterns are available. An example of this is the Xago edition Aventador SVJ.

9. Ferrari Tailor Made

Tailor-made F12 TDF

Owning a new Ferrari is considered a feat but being able to spec a tailor-made car from new is truly unique. The tailor-made program is only made available to a select group of exclusive Ferrari customers. With high-end customers all over the world with varying tastes, the tailor-made program caters to their imagination. Every aspect of the car can be changed with this program. 3 categories guide you in your creation process. 

Scuderia: Ferrari has been a part of the racing world since its inception. The Scuderia Ferrari team has won many championships, driver’s and constructor’s titles. Customers are given the option to spec racing-derived options and elements in their cars. These include materials like Alcantara, suede leather, Kevlar components, carbon fiber trims, and various finishes.

Classica: This program is geared towards Ferrari’s GT cars. Options on this list are meant to take styling cues from vintage Ferrari’s and implement them on modern GT cars. Chrome details, wool, vintage leather, and even heritage colors can be applied n new cars.

Inedita: Looking into the future, Inedita implements modern, futuristic, and innovative designs and styles to new cars. Many features in this platform can be customized to be unique to a single customer.

Money doesn’t necessarily get you into this exclusive Ferrari program. You have to be an exclusive client of the Ferrari brand and at that level, you have to power to commission a completely new and bespoke car. The latest Exclusive commissions have included the Ferrari F12 TRS and P80/C.

10. Rolls Royce Coachbuild.

Rolls Royce Boat tail via Forbes

Rolls Royce says no two of its cars are the same and that can be seen in their cars. They have no standard palette and customers are allowed to do whatever they want from the beginning. Anything and everything is available for a Rolls Royce customer to spec as they please. Seat colors, stitch patterns, leather materials, and even the starlight headline pattern can be customized however the customer desires. The latest Kryptos Edition showcases how bespoke Rolls Royce can be.  

The Rolls Royce Coachbuild program opens up a different universe of bespoke Rolls Royce Cars. It is an invitation-only program that allows the selected customers to build a unique one-off car. Customers are involved with the build process from the design phase to the final production of their vehicles. This takes years before the final product is achieved and Rolls Royce works very closely with the customers to achieve their vision. The latest creation from the coach build programs is the elegant Rolls Royce Speedtail and Innovative Rolls Royce Boattail.

Cars at this level are a reflection of the individuals that we are. If you grew up loving cars you’ve dreamt of the day you’d want to make something unique to your tastes. We’ve done it in drawings, Photoshop, and even Video games. These bespoke departments allow those with the means and vision to truly express themselves through the cars they drive.    

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