10 Lamborghini Concept Cars Of The Modern Era

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

Concept cars help us take a glimpse into the future of automotive design and technology. For a company like Lamborghini, most of its production cars already look like concepts. These concepts take designs to the extremes and show what is possible when there are no rules.   1. Lamborghini Miura GT The Lamborghini Miura is … Read more

8 Cheapest Mid-engine Sports Cars you can buy under $30,000

Mid-engine cars have the advantage of great handling and better weight distribution than other cars. This engine layout improves acceleration and performance. But this layout is usually associated with expensive supercars and few sports cars.  Today the cheapest new cars that have a mid-engine layout cost well over $60,000 which is quite expensive. At that … Read more

Aston Martin Victor: Probably the best one-off supercar

The Aston Martin with Victor is a unique one-off supercar commissioned by a wealthy Aston Martin customer. This latest creation was built under the supervision of Aston Martin’s Q advanced operations department. The car has a lot of design inspirations from Old Aston Martins. Name The car gets its name from ex-Aston Martin owners Victor … Read more

9 Simple Tips to Avoid Buying a Bad Used Car

used car

Driving off in a brand-new car is one of the most memorable events in many people’s lives. It’s a terrific sensation. It’s also a significant moment since the brand-new car loses a significant portion of its value in that brief moment between the original price you paid and the market value of the car. Thousands … Read more

9 Most Rare Modern Lamborghinis

Lamborghini Veneno

From its inception, Lamborghini has always been a small-scale manufacturer producing cars only in the hundreds. These cars represent the wildest and most extreme designs from Lamborghini. 1. Lamborghini Reventon The Reventon was the first car to start off what we know today as Lamborghini’s few-off series. The car is based on the Lamborghini Murcielago … Read more

14 Better Track Focused Versions of Fast Cars

Manufacturers always save the best for last and that is the case with these sets of cars. They are usually the best versions of their respective cars geared towards maximum fun or capability. Combining the best parts of what makes a car so good with the ability to also be dynamically better than their base … Read more