15 Powerful Cars that have over 1000 Horsepower

1000 Horsepower?

A power figure almost unimaginable in road cars until a decade ago. The Bugatti at the time was the only production car capable of such 1000 horsepower until Koenigsegg came along.

These days most tuner shops can squeeze out 1000 horsepower from sub $100,000 cars like the Dodge hellcats and Chevy corvettes. More cars these days are being offered with 1000+ horsepower but with price tags of well over $1 million. This makes these cars unattainable but also helps keep such power in the hands of a limited few.

Let’s check out 15 cars that come with over 1000 horsepower from the factory. 

1. McLaren Speedtail: 1036HP

The Speedtail is the second 3 seater car by Mclaren with the driver sitting in the middle of the car. It has an upgraded version of the twin-turbo V8 in the Mclaren 720S and Senna. The engine is combined with an electric motor to produce a total of 1,036 horsepower. It has a top speed of 250MPH.

2. Mercedes AMG ONE: 1039HP

Formula one technology meets road car in the Mercedes AMG one. The AMG one is a street-legal track weapon being created with formula one technology. The car has a complex drivetrain that helps deliver its power. It has a 1.6-liter formula one derived E turbo V6 and 4 electric motors and combined the engine is rated at 1,039 horsepower. 

3. Aston Martin Valkyrie: 1160HP

The Valkyrie is a bold statement to the world by Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing. They claim this to be the fastest street-legal car in the world in terms of track capability. The engine is a very powerful 6.5 liter V12 tuned by Cosworth and makes 1,160 horsepower. This aims to make this the most powerful naturally aspirated car in the world.

4. Zenvo TSR-S: 1177HP

Many people do not know this car and that’s partly because it’s made by a company in Denmark. Their latest car is the TSR-S and it has a very big fixed active rear wing. The engine though is a 5.8 liter twin-supercharged V8 which makes 1,177 horsepower. But with such an amount of power, the car is limited to a top speed of only 202MPH. It does have a switch to lower to power to a mere 700 horsepower.

5. Bugatti Veyron: 1200HP

The Bugatti Veyron is known as the world’s first hypercar. It broke many speed records when it came out in 2005 including the world’s top speed record for a road car at 253mph (407 kph). All this achievement was possible because of its quad-turbocharged W16. The engine made 1001 horsepower in its inception with the final supersport model producing 1200 horsepower.

6. Koenigsegg Agers RS: 1360HP

In recent years, Koenigsegg has been the major contender for the top speed record with Bugatti, but they’re doing it with half the cylinders. The car has a 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 which produces 1,160 horsepower as standard. Customers can opt for the 1-megawatt package which increases the power to 1,360 horsepower.

7. Koenigsegg Regera: 1500HP

The Regera is the first hybrid car produced by the brand and also their first grand tourer. Koenigsegg set out to make a comfortable GT car with this one but power is ever-present. It still has a 5.0 liter V8 which produces 1,100 horsepower and combined with 3 electric motors it makes 1,500 horsepower.  

8. Bugatti Chiron: 1500HP

The Bugatti Chiron is the successor to the almighty Veyron. It was unveiled in 2016 and still has an updated version of the W16 engine. It now makes 1500 horsepower which is 300 more than the Veyron supersport. The just unveiled Chiron supersport has also claimed the world top speed record at a whooping 304mph (490kph).

9. Koenigsegg Jesko: 1600HP

The Jesko is the successor to the Agera and is already aiming for some lofty heights from the onset. New innovations have been made with this car like the new 9 speed light speed dual clutch transmission. The new transmission is faster and weighs less than a normal dual clutch transmission. Power still comes from a 5.0 liter V8 but now produces 1,280 horsepower on pump gas and as much as 1,600 horsepower on E85.

10. Koenigsegg Gemera: 1700HP

The Gemera is now part of the new line up for Koenigsegg. The first ever 4 seater hypercar in existence but koenigsegg has totally rewritten the rule book. The famous 5.0 liter V8 isn’t present here, instead in its place is now a 2.0 liter twin turbo inline 3 attached to 3 electric motors.

The engine is dubbed the Tiny Friendly Giant (TFG) and it makes 600 horsepower. The electric motors add another 1,100 horsepower and together the car makes 1700 horsepower. This makes this car the most powerful production koenigsegg ever and it seats 4 people.

11. SSC Tuatara: 1750HP

A list of powerful cars would not be complete if the good old Americans aren’t part of it. The Tuatara currently holds the official world’s top speed record with an average of 286MPH. And they’ve done this with the tried and true combustion engine. The 5.9-liter twin-turbo V8 produces 1,350 horsepower on pump gas and on E85 produces 1,750 horsepower. SSC recently announced its new Tuatara Aggressor which is the track-only variant of the Tuatara which will make 2,200 horsepower. 

12. Hennessey Venom F5: 1820HP

They say everything is bigger and badder in Texas and the guys at Hennessey agree. The Venom F5 is the first car built from the ground up by the American tuner. The F5 is also setting its sight on the world’s top speed record and will need a lot of power to do so. It has a 6.6 twin-turbo V8 known as “Fury” which makes 1,820 horsepower.

13. Pininfarina Battista: 1900HP

Design house Pininfarina is known to pen beautiful cars and work closely with Ferrari. They decided to make a hypercar but skipped the combustion engine. The car is powered by 4 electric motors placed at each wheel and together they make 1900 horsepower. It has a 120kWh battery pack supplied by Rimac which helps store energy for use when needed. This same battery pack can currently be found also in the new Rimac Nevera.

14. Rimac Nevera: 1914HP

Rimac has become a major name in the supercar industry, Becoming a supplier of battery tech for most large manufacturers. Their first car the Concept one was a very limited car of just 7 and was a testbed for their future models. The C two was unveiled in 2018 and is now known as the Nevera. Power comes from 4 electric motors powering all 4 wheels and makes 1,914 horsepower. Power is stored with Rima’s own 120kWh battery pack.

15. Lotus Evija: 1970HP

British lightweight sports car maker Lotus has joined the hypercar race.  Since its inception, they’ve been known to make lightweight sports cars that are fun to drive and handle very well. But in 2019 they unveiled the Evija. The Evija is an electric hypercar that makes 1,970 horsepower from 4 electric motors placed at each wheel. It also uses a 70kWh battery to store energy which is less than the Battista but also weighs less. Lotus plans to keep the car’s weight around 3,700 pounds (1680kg). The Evija is the only road car from Lotus to have over 1000 horsepower, for reference its most powerful combustion car only produces 416HP.

Are the over 1000 horsepower wars getting insane or are you getting tired of it? Most cars today have too much power for the road. Where do you think we will be in a few years if this trend continues?

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