10 Awesome Manual Sports Cars For Sale In 2021

Can you still buy manual cars?

The short answer to this question is yes manual sports cars are still being sold today even though they’re being sold in smaller numbers than they were many years ago because automatics are easier to drive, there are still manual cars out there being sold for enthusiasts like you and me by some of our favorite manufacturers. manual car sales are dropping every year and today is manual’s represent less than 1% of cars being sold today hence why the save the manuals movement has been on the rise lately but for those who are still willing to learn to drive a stick here are the 10 sports cars you can still buy with a manual today.

What cars are still manual?

1. Lotus Evora GT:

Every lotus to date has always had a manual starting with the very first lightweight lotus sports car and now to do very refined Evora GT. The GT has a 3.5 liter supercharged V6 which produces 416 horsepower to the rear wheels, a balanced chassis and a 6-speed manual for those who love to row their own gears. These days, very few mid-engine cars have manuals and the lotus is very unique in the space being a mid-engine car with perfect weight distribution and still having a beautiful silky smooth 6-speed manual.

2. Dodge Challenger hellcat:

From the British lightweight ballerina, we come to the land of muscle with a Dodge Challenger hellcat. dodge’s recipe has always been to stuff big V8 engines with lots of horsepowers into their cars even though they never seem to be able to put the power down and just end up creating clouds of smoke which honestly we all love, most manufacturers would just put in an automatic and call it a day but dodge also decided to offer a 6-speed manual with this beast I mean the thing produces 717 horsepower for the and still offers a manual transmission. this car is already a handful with an automatic, I can only imagine what shifting gears in this thing would feel like.

3. Chevrolet Camaro ZL1:

If the dodge Challenger sounded like a bit of a handful and you wanted a little less power but with still the same Force then Chevy has you covered with the Camaro ZL1. The zl1 as we know it is a faster, sharper version of the already very capable Camaro. it’s a lot easier to handle than the bonkers hellcat but 650 horsepower is no joke from its supercharged V8 and you’re definitely going to be slaying just as many tires while shifting your own gears.

4. BMW M2 competition:

What will the ultimate driving machine be without a manual transmission? BMW continues to stick to its recipe and still provided us with manual transmission from its m2 competition. It has a 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six producing 405 horsepower and a well-balanced chassis that rivals every sports car in its class. BMW decided to add its final touch by putting in a beautiful 6-speed manual transmission to elevate the driving experience once more. The M2 received a lot of praise when it first came out and a few years later people still think it’s one of the best driving M cars ever made.

5. Porsche 911 (992):

Everyone expect to Porsche to be well a Porsche but it doesn’t take away from the experience whenever you get to drive one. Whenever a new Porsche comes out we think to ourselves how are they going to do better? how can they actually improve on what they’ve already done? but Porsche always seems to find ways to improve on their already perfect recipe. The new 992 911 is great but adding a manual transmission to that very potent  flat 6 is a welcome treat anytime any day.

6. BMW M3/M4:

Unlike the M2 competition, the M3 and M4 competitions do not offer manual transmissions. The regular M3 and M4 still give you the option of a manual transmission so you’re rest assured that the ultimate driving machine still lives on in the current generation BMW M3 and M4.

7. Ford mustang GT:

A list where we have manual cars and American cars can never be complete without the mention of the Ford Mustang. Ford has cemented itself in the American sports car scene as well as gained worldwide recognition not only appreciated on our soil but also by our friends across the pond the latest mustang still offers a manual transmission. The GT350 is definitely the one for me with its flat-plane crank V8 and beautiful manual transmission, but it’s been discontinued but the Ford Mustang Mach 1 combines the V8 from the Mustang GT and the manual transmission on the GT350 I like to have one, please.

8. Subaru BRZ :

From big groups to humble beginnings once more, the Toyota Subaru alliance lives on in its BRZ and 86. With a naturally aspirated boxer engine producing 205 horsepower and mated to a very silky smooth six-speed manual transmission the original sports-car recipe for men’s alive today in these fun revvy little cars. People say these cars are underpowered but they miss the point, the engines and the transmission are meant to work together to give a blissful driving experience they don’t care about all-out speed all they care about is being a sports car in its purest form possible.

9. Mazda MX-5 Miata:

They always say Miata is the answer and honestly they’re right, today’s Miata has the recipe that started this little sports car years ago. Lightweight body naturally aspirated engine and a six-speed manual. The Miata has definitely cemented its name and car culture history from young first-time car buyers to old enthusiastic car lovers.

10. Toyota GR Yaris:

And to the greatest surprise of the year, we have the Toyota Yaris. Nobody honestly believed Toyota would do something like this, especially to the Yaris name. We all love the Supra name but the Yaris seems to be the new Supra, it is definitely not as fast as a Supra but I can bet it offers just as much fun as the Supra. It’s a shame they’re not officially on sale in the US.

We’re definitely in the last days of the manual transmission and which electrification on the rise it’s definitely going to be a showdown for the manual transmission but all we can do right now is enjoy our last days of being able to control the engine with our hands and our feet those days will be around forever. Long live the manuals.

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